Beekeepers use AssociCom to …

“Build the Hive Mentality”

Eliese Watson is a beekeeper and the founder of Apiaries and Bees for Communities. She’s also about the nicest and most energetic person you could ever speak to, and we feel very fortunate to count her among our customers at AssociCom.

The Problem:

Eliese has a rapidly growing and engaged membership. But she had a big communication problem. There was so much great information coming to her from all her members, that she became the bottleneck in getting it out. “In the world of bees there is so much great information to share, but as more and more kept coming in to me, I could no longer keep up in sharing it with my members. I needed a way to continue to fulfil my mandate of building a hive mentality.” said Eliese.

The Solution:

Eliese adopted AssociCom and had her on-line community up and going with a few clicks. Now her members can share beekeeping information directly with the entire community, keeping Eliese free to focus on other aspects of building her community. She is no longer the communication bottleneck. Eliese puts it very directly: “AssociCom solved my communication problem. I especially love the library - my members have a place to go and not only learn, but also to teach and share”.


That’s what AssociCom is about. Communities of practice and private networking with an emphasis on community engagement and informal learning. AssociCom was built by pioneers in the area of online social learning, and we are huge believers in the power of the community to support informal learning. It makes us proud when we hear Eliese say “AssociCom helps me fulfil my mandate to build a hive mentality”.


Murray Goldberg – AssociCom (murray at


About AssociCom: AssociCom ( is a private member networking tool built specifically for associations. It is focused on discovery of information and members, and has a sophisticated feature set facilitating in-house configuration, branding and customization, connectivity to your existing systems such as general website and member database, and professionally-oriented networking features such as member library, groups, reputation system, polling, question areas and much more. AssociCom is very affordable, can be set up immediately, and requires no upfront fees or long term commitments. You can create a trial site right now – there is no cost or obligation (

About Murray Goldberg: Murray Goldberg was a tenured faculty member in the department of Computer Science for over 10 years. He is a pioneer in the field of eLearning and social systems. His first company, WebCT, was the world’s most widely used learning management system – serving 14 million students in 80 countries at 4,000 universities and colleges. Since then Murray has gone on to create other social learning systems including Silicon Chalk, Brainify, and now AssociCom. Murray is a board member, advisor and consultant to the eLearning and social industry, has given over 200 keynote lectures and invited presentations and has been honoured with an honorary Ph.D. from the Southern Cross University, the 2004 $100,000 National Manning Innovation Award, the National CANARIE IWAY Award, the New Media Hyperion Award – and others – all for his work on eLearning and social systems.

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