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The Problem:

Willa Fuller is the Executive Director of Florida Nurses Association. The association represents 250,000 nurses in Florida through advocacy and education. Nurses are busy professionals and Willa needed a better way to allow them to organize and collaborate online about the issues that concern them in a cost-effective manner.

The Solution:

Willa started with a trial AssociCom site and tested a fully functional community with key association members that she knew would be interested in an online community. After her free trial the FNA Community Forum was established at There were no extra costs for web site because she already owned the domain and at $50 a month, she could have up to 500 registered members. She started small and slowly grew the community so that after less than a year she has a core group of members and a growing library of documents and web sites that pertain to Nursing issues. Her association has it’s own private space that allows members to discover specialized information and more importantly, one another, so that they can connect and share information amongst colleagues. Establishing a venue to allow members to connect strengthens the association member’s engagement or social capital and the growing association library will be a source of specialized information for future members of the Florida Nurses Association.

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About AssociCom: AssociCom ( is a private member networking tool built specifically for associations. It is focused on discovery of information and members, and has a sophisticated feature set facilitating in-house configuration, branding and customization, connectivity to your existing systems such as general website and member database, and professionally-oriented networking features such as member library, groups, reputation system, polling, question areas and much more. AssociCom is very affordable, can be set up immediately, and requires no upfront fees or long term commitments. You can create a trial site right now – there is no cost or obligation (

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