Educators use AssociCom to Connect . . .


The Problem:

Tim Knue, Executive Director of Washington Association for Career and Technical Education had a successful association of CTE educators. The association ran conferences, had a membership of 1500 members and was part of an overall US association of 24,000. While face to face conferences as still meeting the needs of many of their members, he wanted something better for his members. They are knowledgeable educators and ‘technology’ is their middle name. He wanted to give them the opportunity to use the latest technology to discover what others were doing, connect with their colleagues and share information. In the end he knew that shared knowledge and member networking would strengthen his association.

The Solution:

Tim introduced the new online community for WA-ACTE members that were attending the 2011 Summer Conference. The community grew steadily as members came to realize the benefits and Tim arranged for expanded membership and promoted the community again at his 2012 Conference. The association now benefits from groups, discussions and a growing body of knowledge shared among colleagues.

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