Can a Community Save the World?

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If you visit the web pages of the Ontario Environment Network (OEN), their mission becomes immediately clear. Simply stated, it is to “Preserve our Environment”. So even before I spoke with the OEN coordinator, Phillip Penna, I had the greatest respect for him. That respect only grew with each conversation.

The “Communication Challenge”

Phllip believes that one of the most powerful ways to achieve his vision is by “facilitating communication and cooperation among organizations concerned with the preservation of the environment”. Yet facilitating this communication is not always easy. Phillip was facing several communication challenges.

  1. First, as Phillip said “I was acting as the main conduit through which information flowed. I needed a way for members to share information directly with their entire community.”
  2. On top of that, the OEN is an association of organizations, not individuals. So even though information would be disseminated to the member organizations, there was very little opportunity to “facilitate communication and cooperation”. After all, communication and cooperation is an activity undertaken by individuals who make up organizations - organizations themselves can’t “communicate or cooperate”.
  3. And finally, although the OEN membership is comprised of many caucuses, the OEN does not have the staff that would be required to support each caucus directly in their quest to communicate and collaborate.

The AssociCom Solution

Phillp now uses AssociCom as a tool to help achieve the OEN mission. His AssociCom community is a place where individuals from all of his member organizations come together. Information flows directly from the individuals not only to the other “organizations” but to the people within those organizations. This way information is always guaranteed to reach all of those who have an interest and a stake. In addition, since all those individuals are connected by their common interest, AssociCom gives them a mechanism where discussion, debate, questions and even votes can take place surrounding the issue. What used to be a one-way, limited information transfer can now be a dynamic living interactive knowledge community.

Each caucus also now has their own distinct community area (group) where members can organically (or as Phillip prefers “Convivially”) converge, share, collaborate and interact. Even more, because groups can have designated group administrators, this gives Phillip a mechanism to have natural leadership from within his membership emerge and lead their caucus. Caucuses can form and operate within the AssociCom environment without having to create or implement their own infrastructure.


We are incredibly proud to count Phillip Penna and the OEN among our customers. AssociCom is all about communication, collaboration and bringing people together to share common interests, support one another, and in this case “save the world”. Thanks Phillip!

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